About High End Packages:  Effective September 12, 2012 all packages above the $100 price range are no longer available for purchase on this buycraft store page.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Secretary of State, Vice Presidential, or Presidential package, please visit our website.
-> www.united-gamerz.net <-  Register or login, and then donate the appropriate amount as stated on our perk package page for whichever package you want to purchase.  Also state in the customer notes on paypal, what your in-game username is, or what username is to receive the package.  (So if you want to buy Presidential, donate $200)  Once you successfully submit your donation, a Head Admin will confirm the donation and proceed with contacting you and sending the items to your username.

Notice:  Sometimes, if we are under heavy load, it may take up to two days to receive your items.  Most of the time, we are able to get it done within 10 hours of receiving your payment.  Remember though, we have to manually send everything to you.  So please be patient.  


Thank you for choosing to purchase premium perk packages!  The profits from these packages greatly help us pay for our services!  Happy Mining!  

Note:  Purchasing packages allocates premium support for you in-game and on our forum!  So when you call for help, expect it within seconds!  
Note:  We now allow package stacking!  Example: You currently own Premium.  If you pay an additional $30 via our donation system on our site, you will be upgraded to Ultimate.  That way, we save you money!  No more having to spend money already spent!  Enjoy this new awesome feature that United Gamerz now offers.  

    About Package Stacking:  Due to increase use of stacking... we no longer give out the in-game money with the package you are upgrading to.  This is because it wouldn't be fair if you paid $20, received 20000(premium), then paid an additional $30 to receive 50000(ultimate), and then an additional $50 to receive 100000(secretary of state).
    So to receive the full amount of in-game money, you will now need to purchase the next package up, in full price.

    Errors/Mistakes/Problems/Issues/Concerns/etc:  If for any reason, you order the wrong package, or you encounter any issues with our order system, we ask that you email admin@united-gamerz.net for assistance.  If you have pre-sale questions, also email us.

    Fraudulent Activities on the users' part, will result in legal action.  Any attempts to commit any fraudulent activities towards United Gamerz through donations, package payments, etc is prohibited.  We pursue all users that attempt to screw with us.  You will receive disciplinary action to the full extent of Texas Laws.  

    Visit our website here: http://www.united-gamerz.net
    Email: admin@united-gamerz.net for support regarding Minecraft, our Minecraft server, or buycraft issues.

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